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About Us

Here's a little more about our own artwork, much of which is on display or available to view here at Brightside Barn.

Private commissions also undertaken.


Tim Watson

I love the mountains, my paintings journey with intent, above, below and within mountainous landscapes.

Discovering with line, colour and text where that love resides.


I am drawn to the mountains; being among them uplifts my spirit, inspires

and gives my life, paintings and poems their direction. My work generally

starts from a pencil or ink sketch done outside or from a poem written after

a journey into the land.

Time outside allows ideas to be born or to be thought about. Back in the

studio I can refine ideas through writing and drawing and then producing

finished pieces.

My paintings are primarily landscapes with layers of other visual, personal

motes brought together. I use acrylic paints and own-made oak-gall ink. I

love graphite and use many different pencils. Gold leaf has always been a

favourite precious material and features in many pictures. I love the shape

and line of text within a picture. I work on heavy watercolour paper.


To view more of my work visit:

Cathryn Beckett

My art is inspired by a love of nature, fell running in the mountains, our home in the beautiful Eden Valley, and travels further afield.

I use a range of media, but it is printmaking I fell in love with several years ago, working at the kitchen table with a wooden spoon for hand burnishing, whilst juggling alongside a busy career and family life.

I then went on to study Art and Experimental Printmaking and now focus primarily on relief (mainly linocut), intaglio and collagraph methods.

I especially love the challenge and process of reduction printing; building up layers of colour using a single block, for creating truly limited edition prints.


I am a member of Cumbria Printmakers and also teach small groups here at Brightside Barn, to share my love of printmaking. I am also head cake baker on our workshop days!  

You can see my work here at our studio gallery, and on my Instagram

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